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    Default MT210D electrical system HELP!

    A few months ago I tried to turn off my MT 210D and it would not kill. So I checked my voltage at the battery with the motor running and it read 7 VDC
    So i got a new battery and then i had the alternator rebuilt. I installed it and then read voltage, the voltage was trying to get away from me it got up to about 16VDC and then i cut it off, so I figured that the voltage regulator was bad. So I ordered a new aftermarket solid state regulator, it looked different but the bolt pattern and plug was the same. Transpo's Electronic Catalog on the Internet.. if it helps this is the regulator i received from southern global. So i put the new regulator on and it seemed to control it at about 12.3 VDC which lower than the supposed 14.3 VDC its supposed to regulate but it still ran. Now three months later the same thing is happening again and I am at a lose right if i go to off on the key it sits there for about 3 seconds before it actually turns of and sometimes does not turn off at all then I have to manually kill it also when it is doing this my lights and horn won't work. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: MT210D electrical system HELP!

    my 2 cents would be to first charge the battery with a battery charger.charge it overnight so it reaches full voltage.then check the battery should be about 12-13v.hook up the battery and start the tractor.check the voltage at the battery with the engine running.the volts should be higher with the engine running.say 13-15v.if this is not happening check the volts at the alternator.14-15v.if u r not getting this reading then stop the engine.undo the f1,f2 plug from the alternator.turn the switch to ign n check the volts at the f1,f2 connector.if no volts the regulator is not working.if there is 12-13v the alternator is not working.check the alternator belt for need to have the 14.5 v for the battery to charge fully.from what you said it sounds like the regulator you replaced is not working properly and your battery running down ..check all your ground wires.hope this help

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