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    Default Satoh 650g 3pt hydraulic problem

    1. I have read back many pages from this forum to self help my problem without finding my specific issue.

    2. I have a Satoh 650G not sure of year? 1977 maybe? The 3point hitch will not raise or lower. I just bought the tractor last week. The guy told me (i know... he's a bulls**t artist maybe) that it worked in the past, but he never used the 3pt hitch and does not know what happened to it...

    3. The control is the external control lever type. The lever feels like there is no resistance, it just slides forward and back, like it is not "connected" to anything in the valve.

    4. I have not drained the res. fluid is full and looks red and clean. I have not cleaned the "screen" or removed it yet.

    5. My hydraulic pump is working. My loader works with full power. The line goes from my Hyd pump to the loader controls, then out to my 3pt control valve.

    6. The 3pt arms. I can move them up by hand, I can hear fluid squishing and a hiss from the overflow/relief valve under the seat. The arms lower with gravity.

    I think this hits the points I have seen in previous threads here.

    My gut feeling is the problem is in the control valve
    Anyone have any ideas?

    By the way... thanks to the regular posters here, you guys have already helped me get to know my tractor and fix some issues I didn't know I had, so thanks ahead of time... let's see if you all can help me get my 3pt working before the weeds overgrow my pasture!
    Chris B.

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    Default Re: Satoh 650g 3pt hydraulic problem

    take the valve apart and clean it .then try it out again.

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    Default Re: Satoh 650g 3pt hydraulic problem

    Yeah I think that is my next step. I'm just worried about what I'll find when I crack it open! There is some squeezed out gasket goop sealing it up... what type of gasket material will work? It looks like "blue gorilla" or some type of silicone gasket sealer? any ideas?

    Now, if the control valve is completely shot can I replace this type of external control with a stock control valve from a local shop or does it have to be a Satoh used/rebuild valve?

    Thanks for any info, I can tinker with the engine and mechanical side, but hydraulics are new to me.

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    Default Re: Satoh 650g 3pt hydraulic problem

    go to Valley Power click on parts. they have some diagrams that may help you figure it out. you can also call the phone number on that site and they will assist you .put some pics up it will make things easier to explain.

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