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    Default Clutch wont disengage on 650G

    Today I was pushing snow with my Satoh and it was working perfectly. I had stopped and started numerous times without an issue. Then I pushed in the clutch and it did nothing, and I continued to travel forward. I shut it off and checked the hydraulic slave cylinder. It was still pushing the disengagement lever as it was supposed to. I even disconnected the slave and used a crow bar to force the disengagement lever to its max position but tractor would still not disengage??? I have read where the clutch can rust to the flywheel but I wouldnt imagine that this would happen when its being used and working fine. Does anyone have any ideas of what happened here???? Any help would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Clutch wont disengage on 650G

    I pulled the inspection cover on the bottom of the tractor to get a look inside. One of the three fingers that is mounted to the pressure plate broke off. It looks like the bolt sheared off that holds the finger in position. I called the guys at valley power and they were super helpful. They told me how much to expect to pay for the parts and explained how to split the tractor. Looks like a project!!!

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