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    Default S373D 3PT Hitch Height

    I am fairly new to the forum and this is my first post, so please be tolerant if I don't explain this stuff too good.

    I recently bought a S373d, Celli rototiller, and box scraper with a 7000 lb equipment trailer for $5,000. I had a few minor problems, but overall it's great.
    The side links on the 3pt were rusted tight. Now that I have them freed up and adjusted to the highest (shortest) they will go, I think the hitch is too low. I thought the previous owner may have changed the lift arms by one spline, but I don't want to change them and mess something up. Is there a spec. for the height of the hitch when the 3pt is all the way down? Can I, or should I change the lift arms by a spline and see what happens?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: S373D 3PT Hitch Height

    Does it lift high enough to give you sufficient clearance when the tiller is mounted? If it does, you could probably leave it go.

    My S-370D 3 pt with a hitch drawbar mounted lays the drawbar within a few inches of the ground but has no trouble with lifting height.


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    Default Re: S373D 3PT Hitch Height


    Thanks for the quick reply. I can run the rototiller fine. A friend has a Continental Belton 4' mower and I have a terrible time adjusting the height. What I would like to do is set it up for the height I want with the trailing wheel and the adjustable side links so I can just drop the lift all the way down and have it drop to the preset height. Does that sound possible? I almost looks to me like I might be one spline off on the lifting arms..


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    Default Re: S373D 3PT Hitch Height

    You need to get some chain. One on each side where the side links hook to the mower. The other ends attach to the top link clevis on the tractor. This way you can adjust those chains so they will support the weight of the front of the mower when you lower it all the way.

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    Default Re: S373D 3PT Hitch Height

    Great idea.... Why didn't I think of that. I still think the darned thing is too low and the guy I bought it from may have changed the lift bars (is that the right term) a spline to get the height he wanted after the side links rusted up. You gave me a good thing to try. Thanks.


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    Default Re: S373D 3PT Hitch Height

    Here is a little update. The chains sounded like a good idea, but the geometry on that little tractor just won't work out until I design, build and install a ROPS. I looked over the tractor a little closer and it is WAD (working as designed). I guess all the small ones have the low hanging hitches. It kinda negates the value of the two adjustable side links.

    I talked to my brother this afternoon and he has a small kubota. He lowered the linch pins on his mower and its working out better for him. I finally found the pressure knob for adjusting the rate when I lower the mower... helped a lot. That along with tweeking some adjustments on the mower has made it workable.

    Thanks for everyones help.


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