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    Default Satoh S373D 3pt problems

    Hello all - I just purchased a Satoh S373D that's in need of some TLC and the first issue that I'm having is a 3pt that needs some adjustment. It goes up and down just fine but nothing holds it in the "up" position. The weight of the lever brings the 3pt back down so I have to hold the lever in the center so I can keep the attachment up. I've adjusted the rod with the two springs on it so the lever has tension but then I lose some of the travel distance. The one picture I found online only had one spring but it was for a different tractor model so I'm not sure if that is the way mine should be. Any help or a diagram would be appreciated. Where could I find a manual for this tractor?

    Also, am I correct in thinking that this tractor doesn't have any down pressure for the 3pt?


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    Default Re: Satoh S373D 3pt problems

    you are correct in thinking that the 3 point hitch has no down pressure.the down pressure is weight or will have to find some way to secure that valley power the guys there may be able to get you the fasteners.

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