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    Default Need some help with satoh 650g

    Hey guys i have a satoh 650 g bison tractor and need some help on the oil i should use. I did some research but couldn't find much so heres what i got.
    For my engine im going to use a 10/30, 10/40 or 15/40 oil, which one should i use and which is the best?
    For the transmission im gonna use a 80w gear oil and for the hydraulic im going to use JD type 303 or international hytran. Never heard of these last 2 so can someone tell me if these are the right ones I should be using. And another thing under the tractors seat is a hole to put in the oil and the cap is white but there's a another hole right above the gear shift and that cap is red? So im guessing hydraulic goes in white and the other in the red? Thanks
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    I use Universal Tractor Fluid for hydraulics . You can get it at any auto parts store ... I spent most of the winter tearing apart my hydraulics on my 650g , so I know UTF works fine .
    You should go on Ebay and get yourself a service manual .

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    Alright thanks alot, ill need to check my local lordco if they carry it.

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    Valley Power
    try this link you may find some useful info.

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    Default Re: Need some help with satoh 650g

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