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    Default Can 4.50 x 10 tires be replaced with 12 or 13 inch

    I have a Mitsubishi D1550 with 4.50x10 front tires. You can't find the tires anymore was able to get a set of 4.00x10 with 4.50 tubes. Problem now is wheels keep going flat, have tried slim with no luck and patching tubes.

    This tractor has a 3 lug hub and what I want to do is increase it to use a 12" or 13" standard tire for the front. Has anybody done this? My current 10" rims are rusting inside and the burs are what is causing the holes I believe, I have sanded and grinded the burs but think a standard rim would be a better solution since 10" rims are hard to find as well.

    I have a "donut" 13" tire and it is the right width and fits in the space with room for turning without rubbing, just bolt patterns don't fit.

    Any suggestions?



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    Default Re: Can 4.50 x 10 tires be replaced with 12 or 13 inch

    I had similar replacement problem and used rear lawn tractor rims to replace my MT fronts.
    I cut out the old Mitsu front centers and rewelded them in place of the lawn tractor centers.
    If U don't weld, take the donuts and one Mitsu rim to any weld shop and they'll do the job 4 U.
    Balancing etc not a problem at tractor speeds.

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