FRONT PTO ELECTRIC CLUTCH on S370-D: If you need to replace the field coil or the entire electric clutch on the front PTO of your satoh S370, a john deere electric clutch may be your solution. I have found the measurments to be exact on the bolt mounting pattern and the stud pattern on the clutch assembly.
The Entire electric clutch is #AM38623 and if you just need the field coil and mounting plate it is #AM38624
Brombergers in Lititz Pa sells both of these parts on ebay. Ken is very helpful on the phone.
This electric clutch fits a PTO with a 1" dia shaft size
Mounting holes measuments are taken from center of hole diameter to center of hole diameter. mounting hole measurments are 3 1/4" ,,,, 4 5/8",,,,, 5 1/8"
Stud measurments on the field coil mounting plate are taken from center of stud diameter to center of stud diameter. Stud measurments are 3 7/8",,,,,5 1/2",,,,,,6 1/8"
I hope this info helps.