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    Default st1300d or beaver

    I just bought a satoh tractor , the hood has satoh beaver on it and the side of the tractor is stamped st1300d , i cannot find this combination on the internet. It appears to be two different tractors, i assume the stamped number would be correct, if so, i am needing gears for the transmission, the man i bought it from said first and reverse were out of it. Also need a rear rim and probably other parts as well once i get into this tractor, any suggestions on where to find these parts would be much appreciated, thanks Mark

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    Welcome from Oklahoma.

    The name Beaver was marketing name, the official model name is ST1300D, which means you have a Satoh Tractor, 13 pto hp, diesel engine, 2 wheel drive. If the model number ended in FD it would mean 4wd diesel engine.

    Do a google search on Misubishi tractor parts and you should find what you need. Since only first and reverse are out I'd check for a broken shift for first.

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    Default Re: st1300d or beaver

    Welcome to TBN

    I moved your thread to the Mitsubishi/Satoh forum.
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