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    Default S470D Clutch Noises

    I was using the tractor today to plow out our latest snow storm, when I started hearing an odd noise. Every time I would depress the clutch after a 1/4sec I would hear an odd noise like a spring moving/rubbing. The noise went away after a second. Only happened when I moved the clutch pedal ALL the way down. Clutch action and shifting seemed normal, no problems. So I continued, only moving the clutch pedal 3/4 of the way down and things seemed fine for a while.

    Then I started hearing something that sounded like a small piece of metal clanging around and rubbing. Not very loud, but I was moving back up to my parking place to stop, and then this noise went away too. So I continued plowing without any further noises or issues.

    I am trying to diagnose what went on here from the symptoms, before going further. My first guess is that a part of the clutch pressure plate (spring or finger) was coming loose. At first it just made some noise then it broke free and banged around for a while until it "got out of the way."

    I am not all that familiar with the clutch on these units, so I'd like to hear what others think might have gone on here, and what the next coarse of action should be. Would be great if there were an inspection plate for the clutch/flywheel, but I did not notice one.


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    Not very familiar with your model but when the clutch went 2 of the fingers broke. You might be able to inspect it with a mirror or camera through the starter hole. Good luck.

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