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    Default Cat 0 3pt tiller with Satoh 370D

    New owner of an old Beaver. It's working out wonderfully for our small 2 acre property. I changed the Cat1 pins to Cat0 on a TSC grader box and it made short work of a few grading projects.

    My question has to do with running a Cat0 tiller in the back. I'm aware of the differences in number of splines and the funky CCW rotation of the PTO. I've read that an adapter from 18 to 6 can be had, but wondering if I can run a standard tiller? It looks like the tines could possibly be reversed if needed. Just wondered if anyone else has done this? There is a Simplicity Pow'r Max 48" cat0 tiller I'm looking at.

    Anyone have a thought or two on this one?

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    Default Re: Cat 0 3pt tiller with Satoh 370D

    I don't know anything about the Simplicity tiller, you'll have to learn what the PTO speed for that machine would have been, and what direction rotation it used.

    Most tillers won't run reversed for long, because the tensioner that takes slack out of the chain has to withstand the force of being on the driven side when operated in reverse. The tiller will also be running reversed as well, which isn't impossible, but is definitely harder on the machine than operating in the designed direction.

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    Default Re: Cat 0 3pt tiller with Satoh 370D

    The best option, though by no means cheap, is to locate a PTO reverser. $$$ though. Occasionally you might find a CCW tiller but not exactly often.
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    Default Re: Cat 0 3pt tiller with Satoh 370D

    Could get a different tractor for tiller work. Like a garden tractor, or another mitsubishi with standard pto direction.
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