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    Default Satoh Bison and Ford Courier/ Mazda engine/parts interchangability

    Pardon me if something has already been posted that would answer my question. Once again please bear with me as I try to explain what I am thinking.OK? This matter somewhat criss crosses into a couple of different forums. Two come to mind right now (Mitsubishi/Satoh and IH) and could be others that would bleed over.

    Here goes....
    My satoh Bison and my Mitsubishi Satoh S650G are both equipped with the PB Mazda engine. Two different versions were available (depending on the year it was produced). One being the Mazda PB (987 cc / and the other one being a Mazda TA/TB that was 1169 cc./about 70

    Several times through these different posts/threads I will read about a reference to the 71-73 Ford Courier part as to being the same or being able to use it as a more ready available substitute part, replacement etc.

    I admit that at times my "searchin" talent is not too finely honed and comes up somewhat short of expectations. Sometimes life is that way too, I guess.

    Moving on here now, my research shows me that the early(1971-76) was equipped with an 1800 cc /109110 produced by Toyo Kogyo Co., LTD which I guess turned out to be Mazda. It was more powerful (74 hp) and a somewhat different design (OHC).

    So my question is... Does any body know or has anyone compiled a list of what parts will swap from the Ford to the Mazda or vice versa? Obviosly some parts like the cylinder head, block and so on probably wouldnt. Also will the 1800 Mazda ford courier engine bolt into the Satoh Bison (bell housing/flywheel/ clutch/driveline/etc. ?

    Thanks for lending your ear TBN.

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    Default Re: Satoh Bison and Ford Courier/ Mazda engine/parts interchangability

    Interesting! Never thought about this possibility. Mazda also made the B1500 pickup, which might actually be a closer match to the 1169cc tractor engine than the Courier's 1800cc engine? I think the answer to parts/engine interchange may be to forget the Courier only parts and focus on the Mazda engine families/models and see what vehicles/equipment they were used in. Mazda made a ton of small engines and some of them may actually be better matches to swap from the PB/TB line. List of Mazda engines - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Looks like the 1200 coupe used the 1169cc engine and rated that version at 67hp. May go from there to search what engines have been swapped into the 1200 coupe.

    As far as the Courier, I know that the Courier's alternator is a compatible swap/upgrade with most of the Mitsubishi/Satoh tractors. It is larger (35A vs the tractors 15A) and a direct plug in. I made this swap on my MTE2000D and a new ( and simple) home made tensioning arm was the only thing I had to do to make it bolt up. I got mine at O'reilly's Auto Parts for -$60.
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