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    Default Power to Glow Plugs?

    I have a Satoh S-370D Beaver. I've installed new glow plugs about a year ago thinking the old ones were bad. At first with the glow plugs it seemed to start fine, now I think the plugs may not be getting power to them. When I turn the ignition switch back to activate the plugs I'll hold it there between 30 second to a minute and the base of the plugs where they go into the head are still cold to the touch.

    Is there a way to by-pass the ignition switch and hot wire the glow plugs directly to the battery to see if they are working propoerly. If I can do this then I can probably narrow my focus down to my ignition switch.

    By the way I had my old glow plugs tested after the fact and they turned out to be good.

    Any suggestions? I do not have access to a volt meter so that avenue is out.

    Does anyone have the specs on the original glow plug for this model? Volts? Amps?. Not sure if these are the right ones for this model.

    Thanks Shawn

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    Default Re: Power to Glow Plugs?

    Your glow plug resister may be bad. You can check if you have power to the glow plug by removing the wire & grounding it while the switch is activated. A cheap VOM meter can be purchased from Harbor Freight for around $5.

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    Default Re: Power to Glow Plugs?

    I don't know Lens12? But grounding the wire when it's on sounds like a dead short that is going to blow a fuse or burn something up! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/shocked.gif[/img]
    If you are going to do something like that take 12 volt light bulb ( dome light out of your car or taillight bulb etc. ) and place it between the wire and the ground. If there is power the bulb will light.

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