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    Default Satoh Buck Clutch

    I have a Satoh Buck (18hp 3 cyl diesel 4x4) tractor that I have owned and used for 8 yrs now. Today when I started it to do some snow plowing, the clutch was stuck to the flywheel (or I am assuming that's what it was).

    The clutch pedal moved as normal, with the normal amount of play and pressure, but even with the pedal all the way down the clutch would not disengage. Forced it into gear and then put on the brakes, and that broke it free, and it was fine for the day's work.

    Given the snow, I did not do very much poking around, but I thought I would ask here if there are any likely causes for a sticking clutch (one that comes to mind is oil leaking on the clutch).

    Any suggested things to check out? Do these tractor have a clutch inspection plate?


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    Default Re: Satoh Buck Clutch

    You may have got some moisture in there maybe from melted snow and some rust, causing it to stick. There is a flip latch down by the clutch pedal. When you park the Buck, push the clutch all the way down and flip the latch and it will hold the pedal down. This problem is not unique to the Buck or even just tractors. I had the same problem on a 65 Mustang. I have a Buck and it has never stuck on me. I don't use the latch. I have heard it is recommended especially for extended periods of not using the tractor.

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    Default Re: Satoh Buck Clutch

    There is no inspection plate and thus no vent for the moisture that can accumulate in the bell housing. As you have guessed the disc rusted to the flywheel and there is also rust on the main shaft restricting the disc's ability to move on the shaft. Use the suggestion of locking the clutch pedal down. I have known a few owners who drilled a couple of small vent holes in the bell housing. The only problem here is if the tractor sits outside the inspection holes could be another place for moisture to enter.

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