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    I have been using my MT 180 HD for about 15 years now and I'm having problems with the steering. Over the years it has gotten progressively worse. Its gotten to the point where I can barely steer it, the steering has gotten too tight. I've looked for grease fittings but there are none at the steering box. There are fitting at the tie rods ends and steering linkage but that is not where the problem is at. When I take weight off the front end and work the steering it makes a loud deep squeeking noise all throughout the turning range. Sounds like its binding and needs oil or gease. Is this a non greasable steering box? Has anyone had a similar problem? How did you resolve the problem?
    Thank for any advise you can give me.

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    I do not have the same tractor as you , but , I believe the steering box should have oil in it . 90 wt gear oil. My guess is water got in the box and caused rust to something . Possibly bearings are bad . You will probably need to pull the gear box off and open it up and see .There are a few dealers who visit here and can get you the parts you will need .

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    Al's comments are right on. I can supply new bearings, etc. for the steering box. Or we can rebuild your steering box if you prefer. Call toll free 1-800-609-5110 or send email. bill -

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