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    Default Considering Satoh S650G

    Had the opportunity to look at a S650G, 25HP with an FEL. Doesn't run currently. The owner said it needed carb work and that the accelerator pump went out. Apparently ran fine a month ago. $1,200. Tractor is Blue and White so was built in the early 80s.

    My requirements were that it have an FEL. The primary use will be rototilling my 1 acre lot several times a year. I am also hoping to get an auger and have it help me replace posts for about 500 feet of fence. I was looking to spend $4-5k max and this would allow a lot of room to buy additional implements.

    This has no other implements other than the FEL, but the price seems pretty good. I regularly work on my 69 Firebird so hopefully I can fix it, but if I can't, what do you think it would cost? I don't have a "tractor guy" yet but seemingly I could get an auto mechanic for engine work. Parts available? If so, where. I have found some, but who has the best selection/availability?

    What do you guys think? Obviously am a newbie but have tough skin. Fire away and kick my butt if it needs it. I am in Northern California.

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    Default Re: Considering Satoh S650G

    The FEL is worth more than the tractor price. Grab it! then worry about fixing the tractor or moving the loader to another tractor. Parts are available but costly. There are a couple of good parts dealers that frequent this board. Check at for one of them. I've bought a few things from Bill and he's good to deal with. Also Len Sheafer is a nice guy to deal with and can get most parts.

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    Default Re: Considering Satoh S650G

    If it ran fine a month ago this is a steal. You can get carb parts to fix.

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