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    Default WTB power steering pump

    Well went and worked the Mits.2650 today and all went well for a few hours , then I lost power on my FEL ...would'nt lift or tilt well ...very slow and would go faster as I reved the RPM's . Could'nt see any leaks and fluid was normal . Took it to a tractor mechanic and he was very surprised to see the FEL tapped into the power sterring unit ....said that's too much fluid to be pumping thru there . He's not sure what has caused the weak performance of the FEL ....I'm hoping it's not the pump ...maybe a seal causing some kind of by pass.
    Any idea's from you guys would be appreciated ...also where can I order this pump if needed ? Thanks

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    Default Re: WTB power steering pump

    Are you sure it is a powersteering pump & not the hydraulic pump? My parts book doesn't cover a 2650 with powersteering. Make sure your pickup screen is clean .

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    Yes , your right's the hydraulic pump . Whoever installed this aftermarket power steering also plumbed the FEL off of the pump . My mechanic found out that the strainer screen was torn quite a bit and probably has caused some crud to pass and caused the damage to the pump . I'm trying to find out how much this pump will handle in GPM .....wondering if the power steering and FEL are getting enough or if the pump is sending too much through the powering steering orafices to cause a back up in the pump and causing the damage . Either way the pump is shot .....did a flow test on it yesterday . Not sure what I'm gonna do ....waiting on a call to find out cost of new strainer and pump ....hoping to find that the original size pump will handle the GPM and just replace parts with new fluids . Any suggestions or comments are welcome ....thanks for your reply .

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