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    Default Electrical Problems

    Hi all. I have a Montana 4944 that is having some electrical problems. Often times when it is started up, none of the electrical system works. No lights, no hourmeter, no tach, nothing. I usually will use it for an hour or two and then shut it off. Sometimes when I turn it back on, the electrical system will work, but the hourmeter doesn't show the use it has had. I bought the tractor new from a dealer about 130 miles away, and since then a new dealer has started up in my hometown, however, they are WAY too busy to deal with my problem, so Saturday I am taking it to the original dealer 130 miles away and leaving it for two weeks to get worked on. Has anyone experienced these problems or know a solution so I can get my tractor back sooner?

    Also, the two front tires are showing serious checking with less than 50 hours. Montana has been very good about this, so if your tractor is still under warranty and you have bad front tires, you may want to call Montana corporate and tell them about it and you may be able to get replacement tires.

    Also, my uncle has a 3840 that is a couple of years old and he is having problems with it overheating. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a fix for it? It is out of warranty so he is looking for a solution. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Could be a relay or maybe a new dash. Does your tach not work when the rest of the electrical does? It should be under warranty. Who is your original dealer? What area is he located in? The front tires are OTR. They had some curing problems in the front and it is only the R4's. Montana tried OTR and it was a bad deal. They remain with Titan tires and I am glad of that. We had about 20 sets of those OTR tires we had to replace.


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    Original dealer is GEI, and he is great to work with, just a long ways away. Nothing works when the electrical goes out, no lights or blinkers, and nothing on the dash.

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    Default Re: Electrical Problems

    My front windshield wiper doesn't work. I had some service work done at about 50 hrs and the mechanic took apart the dash because the hydraulics were leaking and flooding the cab. He didi something because now the wipers pop a fuse every time it is turned on. The mechanic acknowledged that he was at fault and he tried to find the problem before I picked it up but couldn't, so I took it and don't have use of my front wiper.

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