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    Default Specs for Montana R4344 Fuel pump

    Does anyone have specs for the Montana R4344 fuel pump? This is the 4 cylinder engine. My pump pooped out and I (and the dealer) are having real problems getting help from Montana. They (Montana) assured us it was shipped 4 weeks ago, we found out later that this was just a fairy tale. We have others working on this, but my tractor has been nothing more than a lawn ornament since 2/28. Any information that you can provide that would assist us in MAYBE getting an aftermarket unit that works will be greatly appreciated. All advice is welcome!

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    Default Re: Specs for Montana R4344 Fuel pump

    I guess maybe I should say INJECTION PUMP to clarify. Sorry

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    Default Re: Specs for Montana R4344 Fuel pump

    Give an L.S. Tractor dealer a call. On their web site, plug in your zip code on the dealer search to find a dealer near you. If one is not near your location, call 1-252-984-0700. I'm sure they will be happy to help. Of coarse, if the tractor is still under warranty, you will have to absorb the cost yourself, but it will get you going. trac

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    Default Re: Specs for Montana R4344 Fuel pump

    Just giving this thread a bump and see if the OP ever found a solution.

    I just had the Injection Pump go out in my 3040, only have 800 hours on the machine. I have the pump at the rebuilders now being rebuilt. Seems kind of soon to need an injection pump.

    BTW to have it rebuilt it was less than $300, a new one from was $2,000
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    Default Re: Specs for Montana R4344 Fuel pump

    Sorry for the delay in posting the resolution of this issue. Finally got the tractor back after 3-1/2 mos of anguish. I finally had to take the bull by the horns and called LS in the Carolinas and spoke with the parts department. They were extremely helpful and got the pump for my dealer, who did not do their job, as far as I was concerned. It seemed like the only time I heard from them was when I called, not vice versa. Anyway got the tractor back along with a bill over $3K. Paid the bill and never went back. Sold the Montana and bought a kubota L4400 HST which now has almost 90 hours on it. If the dealer had been a little more responsive I might have stuck with the Montana. I am confident in the repairs, just not the level of service.

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