There are spec tables for all this, I find it hard to believe that oil filter selection is critical.

Seems you need to match a) thread b) gasket diameter and width - that would just be enough to get it on there and not leak.
c) flow capacity - I doubt a slow revving tractor circulates oil much faster or at a significantly higher pressure than most cars
d) by-pass valve relief pressure (if applicable)
e) filter screen size - I mean particle size screened out. This may be a trade off with c) above.
I doubt that it really matters THAT much.
Sure, 10 microns may be better than 20, 5 may be better than 10, but I would take it on faith that whatever is on the shelf as a generic car/truck oil filter probably stops small enough particles.

Personally I think if the thread is right and the gasket matches its good enough.
The other parameters aren't going to cause oil starvation or a seized engine.

Option B
For anyone REALLY worried about this get a remote oil filter set up from a speed shop.
That would allow you to mount whatever size & spec filter you want (somewhere) just choose
the right head.