My 05 5740C clutch started to slip slightly about 3 weeks ago in 3rd and 4th gears. After checking and most folks telling me it had a hydraulic clutch in it that couldn't be adjusted, and could only be replaced at a cost of $2500-$3000, I finally found my old Montana dealer who I bought it from back in 05. He's still in the tractor business, but like many others who sold Montanas, he hasn't handled them in several years now, but he still works on them for his old customers.

He told me that the 5740C has a mechanical clutch in it that definitely can be adjusted the way clutches used to be, and that if I got it to him he could adjust it for me in about an hour. That was good news for me as I don't readily have the money for a replacement clutch at this time. I'm getting it to him early next week for an adjustment.

I posted this hoping it will help others with any clutch problems and stop them from spending money on an expensive new clutch replacement they may not have and may not need to spend.