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    Default Montana RS2488

    I have had to replace the loader control cables 3 time in 4 years and now I have to replace them again.

    The single lever control is great to work with but the hydraulic valve is located under the foot board on the RHS and this area is not protected from stones, stumps, or branches.
    I have a small acreage (55acres) and I have a maple bush of approx 20 acres and I am trying to build trails in it and again yesterday Jan 1, I was working in the bush and a branch hit the 2 control cables and bent them and one has broken and the other is bent badly and will break with a bit of usage.

    This is in my mind a definitely a design problem and my feeling is that L S or Ameria Equipment should make the improvement so this doesn't happen anymore to myself or other owners.
    The cost of the cables is approx $100.00 each, and the cones are $124.00 each.

    Can Montana Tractor or L S or Ameria Equipment advise me what they are willing to do about their design flaw?

    Gerry Seguin
    Merrickville Ont. Canada.

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    If it were me, I'd be making me a cover of some sort to keep things from striking the valve assy. and control cables. The down time and trouble of damaged equipment out in the field is costly and time consuming.
    2006 Montana 4940C

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