A few of us that have the S4QS Mitsubishi engines have had issues with the WIX 51064 oil filter not catching enough threads (or any in my last try). I finally decided to email the Research Manager at WIX and he looked into it. He at first said that was the correct number filter as they had determined by ordering a factory filter back in 2006. But he did say he would acquire a new factory filter (LandTrac part# Q1400001) and verify it. He finally got back to me and says the 51064 is actually wrong and that it has been removed (although it is still on the lookup online) and they are researching to find the correct replacement.
I did a little research on their site and decided to use a 51334 which is actually a Hyundai oil filter. The only big difference that I found was the bypass valve setting. On the 51064 it's 16 psi and the 51334 is 8-11 psi.
Their may be alternative brand filters that fit correctly but WIX is what I have access to.