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    Default Montana to LS model crossover

    I have a Montana 4940. My question is do the Montana model numbers directly relate to a specific LS model number? In other words, was there an LS 4940 which was just re-branded as a Montana 4940, or did Montana use different model numbers?

    I ask this because I've called a couple of LS dealers and asked about getting a parts schematic for the 4940 and they don't seem to have any idea exactly which LS tractor I have. I even called LS and, basically, they said the same thing; "we're not sure which model you have.". The closest they seem to be able to come is that the 4940 is approximately the same as an LS 5020. However, there are significant differences in the two tractors.

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    Default Re: Montana to LS model crossover

    Welcome to TBN!

    Although this is not the answer you are looking for, there are parts, operator and service manuals available for free download.

    Hope this might help you!

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    Welcome Post over in the LS forum there are a few guys over there that know the cross over between LS/ Montana #s
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