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    Default Montana Questions - Dealer Support, FEL, etc.

    I have been looking at the Montanas (and all the others). I know there are a couple Montana dealers on this board that could probably answer my questions.

    What has your experience been so far in regards to parts availability and warranty support from Montana? I have heard bad stories about some of the other brands (like Mahindra) not being able to obtain certain parts from the factory and not wanting to do warranty repairs. Do you feel well supported from the factory and feel that Montana will be around a long time with a good supply of parts?

    Does the buket on the FEL (for a 4940 or 5740) have a quick-attach? How difficult is it to remove the entire FEL? It appears that there are built-on brackets for the FEL to sit on???

    Are there filters available for the Montanas that allow spraying chemicals?

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    Default Re: Montana Questions - Dealer Support, FEL, etc.

    Parts and Warranty support have not been a issue, Great parts supply and Tech support,There is a universal skid steer type quick attach plate for the 5740 as of my last load.
    As far as future support and growth of Montana, If I had any doubt in my mind that it would not be a positive buisness move for me I would not be selling them. I need to be able to support my customers now and in the future,This is very important to me.
    As far as spraying chemicals and filtration I would need to double check, I believe something was mentioned at the last dealer meeting. Standard they have the general dust type filter which is self cleaning. Do you need a charcole based filter?

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    Default Re: Montana Questions - Dealer Support, FEL, etc.

    Welcome jc7622. Montana is committed to customer satisfaction and long term growth of the company. The parts and technical support are excellent and I have been in the parts distribution and am am very impressed with their ability and commitment to make sure that every possible need be met.

    Montana warranty is excellent and I have had no problems with support. Their parts distribution is on top of things and their after sales support is top notch.

    I know the 5740 has the skidsteer compatible loader and I believe that the 4340 and 4940 will available in the weeks to come.

    I will check on the various filters for you and will PM the info.

    Hope this helps.


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    Default Re: Montana Questions - Dealer Support, FEL, etc.

    I have a universal skid steer bucket that is made is South Dakota. This bucket is a 6-in-1 bucket. You can view a video of it at this link

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    Default Re: Montana Questions - Dealer Support, FEL, etc.

    I bought a Montana 3840 in March. I've put 26 hrs on it so far.

    There are 9 bolts on each side of the tractor that hold the FEL brackets to the frame. 5 bolts on one side and 2 on the other side broke. I noticed the FEL getting floppy when I picked up a load of dirt. Suspect they were over torqued on installation.

    Took it to dealer expecting them to replace the bolts. Dealer called Montana and they are replacing the bolts and the loader brackets. (not cheap either)

    For those concerned about warranty work and the company backing up their product--- Montana is doing just that.

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