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    Default Get a price on a Montana?

    Hello, I was looking at an LG Montana 4340 when a local deal on a kubota became available. The 'bota came with an air conditioned cab that has totally spoiled me. The only drawback is I learned the hard way that the 3 pt. backhoe I purchased won't fit because of the cab.

    I believe I can recoup all I paid for my Kubota, I'll probably take it in the shorts on the hoe.

    I've been lurking here and it appears there are dealers posting. If you wouldn't mind getting a price on the 4340 with cab and A/C, FEL and backhoe I'd be much oblidged.

    Is an HST available? I've been spoiled by that also.

    Thanx in advance.

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    Default Re: Get a price on a Montana?

    All I got was a sales pitch from a salesman when I asked this question. Maybe someone who has bought one will chime in and drop a hint as to what it costs. I like salesmen that get to the point and answer my questions directly, not try to convince me why my choice is a good one.

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    Default Re: Get a price on a Montana?

    Fellas, I'm no salesman for Montana, just a Montana owner who is more than just satisfied. For what it's worth, I had a kubota before this Montana too.

    I've got the 5740C, with an FEL. I like all it's features, which include a large cab platform. That 4 cyl Mitsubishi diesel is really a strong selling point too. 57hp at the engine and 52hp at the pto.

    Price wise, I don't know that I can help. I bought mine prior to the recent price increase, but I do know that the price I paid was well below all the major brands, including Kubota, and I got A LOT more for my money. I would suspect however, that you can get a 5740C now, with an FEL, for between 28500, and 29500. Hope that helps.

    For my money, the 5740C, if it's in your budget, is a great buy!!

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