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    Default Montana 5740C starting issue

    I purchased a new Montana 5740C on 4-23-05. I currently have 46 hrs on her. Beginning around 38 hrs, it developed a strange sound at startup. Kind of like the the clutch was not fully depressd and the starter was kicking on and off rapidly. One morning I tried to start it and it would only make a clicking noise. The noise was from inside the cab, not around the starter. It finally did start. I shut her off and tried again and everthing worked fine. All has been well for a few days until yesterday. I had been discing. I shut her off to talk to my daughter for a few minutes and when I tried to start, it would do nothing but click. I tried all I knew to do. All the wires to the starter are making good connection. The battery is fully charged. All the light and guages work properly. After about 5 minutes, it started fine. I spoke to my dealer and he said get it fixed and he would take care of it. Since it does not do it regularly, it is hard to pinpoint the problem. Has anyone had this problem before and does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Montana 5740C starting issue

    For me, in a japanese car I had. The solenoid was bad an wouldn't throw the drive into gear / close the contacts. Acted similar.

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    Default Re: Montana 5740C starting issue

    We used to have an International P/U with a six volt two pole starter that acted the same way.

    It was easier just getting out the crank and forgetting the starter.

    Later on the starter was switched out to a four pole and worked fine.


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    Default Re: Montana 5740C starting issue

    Sorry, never had that problem with my 5740C. It starts crisp and immediately every time. Your dealer will take care of it, I'm sure. Montana seems to be real concerned about customer satisfaction and a quality product!

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