I've been out of pocket for a few days. I just wanted to thank everyone for the responses to my starting problems. I have found the problem! There was a blue and black wire going to the starter solenoid that was insulated 3/4 the way around the connector. It was tight to the insulation, but was not making good metal to metal contact. I removed the excess insulation, reconnected the wire and it starts perfectly everytime. I have 54 hours of plowing (3 bottom plow), discing (10 ft JD AW), and using a 6 ft 3 pt. hitch rotary cutter. I know it seems I have had a lot of questions, but my dealer is 50 miles away and it is easier to ask here than call him. I am totally satisfied with my choice of a 5740C and can/do highly recommend the Montana line of tractors. Again, thanks for your time and concern. Now if I can only convince my wife that SHE NEEDS a 4940C!!!!!!!!