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    Default MTD Task Force Riding mower Wont Start

    Hoping someone here can help! Last week the mower started just fine.
    This week - nothing! Not even a click. Thought it was a dead battery -
    checked it, it was fine. Next step - maybe the spark plug, replaced
    it, nothing. Ok, the solenoid, replaced it, nothing... hum maybe the
    starter, checked it by connecting to the positive on the battery -
    motor turned! Yeah - not the starter... ok maybe it is the safety
    switches... I checked the PTO - Blades and seat... all were doing as
    expected, however, I unplugged them cleaned them, made sure all were
    getting a good connection... Ok maybe the ignition switch - replaced
    it... nothing! What am I missing? My next step is to replace the
    safety switches... I now have them removed to do so... but will
    gladly put them back on, if someone here may know something I missed.
    I believe I have troubleshot everything possible, so my next step
    would be to replace the safety switches... Like I said here is the
    run down of what I checked and replaced
    1. Checked the battery - it was fine
    2. Checked the safety switches - all in place and activated as
    3. Replaced Spark Plug
    4. The solenoid - replaced it
    5. Tested the starter by connecting positive jumper cable to starter -
    motor turned (did not make it "start" the engine)
    6. Replaced ignition switch
    7. Unplugged, cleaned and connected back the safety switches...
    8. Along the way of doing all that I did check the ground wires!
    Still nothing... Again - if I have missed something or someone can
    think of something else to check Please let me know! If you have this
    mower and know where the fuse might be if any, please let me know -
    I'd feel really stupid if I just over looked it! LOL

    7 days ago it was cutting grass, parked it, attempted to start it
    this last weekend to finish my 5 acres - nothing.
    Thanks in advance - Laura

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    Default Re: MTD Task Force Riding mower Wont Start

    did you check the coil?

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    Default Re: MTD Task Force Riding mower Wont Start

    I've had that kind of problem when my "seat safety switch" worked itself loose.
    Mahindra 3510, box blade, pallet forks, 6' KK mower...

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