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    Default Can I get a hiller/furrower for this Huskee (MTD)?

    My Father in law passed away about a year and a half ago and I got several of his tools, one of which is a Huskee (Tractor Supply) tiller. I've figured out a it's a MTD model 454 and was hoping someone on here would recognize it and would know if it's possible to find a hiller/furrower for it.

    Here's the owners manual:

    If not, has anyone here added some other brand of hiller/furrower to this tiller?

    It's only tonight that I figured out that what I was looking for is called a hiller/furrower. Is there any other name that this part would go by, specifically in the south east? I want to stop by a local mower shop and ask but don't want to look like a goober when I do.

    Thanks in advance,
    Adrian Rogers

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    Default Re: Can I get a hiller/furrower for this Huskee (MTD)?

    I have that same tiller. It does a good job but, it has that "Spine" that runs down the center underneath and it will hang up on uneven ground. Like when tilling old hills to replant.
    Also the tiller will not pull it'self along without lifting the handle adding more pressure on the tires. Basicly if you don't lift and push it won't move. I have to manhandle mine.
    Adding a hiller would be a waist of time in my opinion based on the above info. It would only bog the machine down more and you couldn't get straight rows.
    I have been building selling a hiller/bed maker locally that works with a Sears type garden tractor that dosen't have a 3 point hitch.
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