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    Default MTD Chipper - Tecumseh 8HP hard to start

    Hello MTD / Tecumseh Engine owners!
    I purchased a lightly used MTD Chipper with 8 HP Tecumseh Engine Model # HM80-155426M, Carburetor 632351, earlier in the week for $120.
    During the Chipper demo the engine demonstrated difficulty starting & the previous owner explain the engine does not have compression starting release.
    It takes much effort to pull start an 8 HP engine w/o compression release.
    I pulled the spark plug & it was load with carbon / un-burnt gas which indicates it has been running much too rich.

    When I got the Chipper home & I installed a new spark plug & rebuild the carburetor.

    I adjusted the high speed air / fuel mixture valve & wide open throttle & the engine runs smooth.

    I also adjusted the idle speed air / fuel mixture valve @ low idle & the engine runs smooth.

    Starting fluid is always required to start the engine under any conditions.
    What is the deal with this carburetor?

    Could my problem be that the 8 HP engine is difficult to pull start because it turn over slowly?

    Any advice will be much appreciated.


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    Default Re: MTD Chipper - Tecumseh 8HP hard to start

    Is the choke working properly? Are you using fresh gasoline?

    You shouldn't need starting fluid. I have an 8 HP Briggs on my generator and it pops off first pull, every time.

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    Default Re: MTD Chipper - Tecumseh 8HP hard to start

    on this chipper and any direct driver chipper you will have a little difficulty in pulling it over to start, these have large Flywheels, via-the reason it feels so hard to pull over, if you notice when shutting it off it is also slow to shut down, it simply doesn't cut off as a lawn mower would do,...if it is not excessively smoking then its probably not that low in compression, although if when it starts it keeps smoking and notice of oil being blown from the exhaust the you most likely have a compression issue, you must keep it in good tune to get optimum service from it.....
    I have the larger 10 Hp MTD and its slow to start but I have a large length of pull rope and it usually will get started up in 2-3 pulls
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    chipper with Tecumseh 8 hp motor

    Smile Re: MTD Chipper - Tecumseh 8HP hard to start

    My chipper with the Tecumseh 8 hp motor os also very hard to start. I bought it used and don't have an owners manual. I got it started a while ago and it ran for only 5 min then stopped. Yesterday it ran as long as I wanted. It was serviced less than a week ago. Now I can't get it restarted. It might be flodded but didn't start when I waited about 15 min. I may not have the "run/stop" lever or the choke in the proper positions, but I don't know what either should be. Can you help?

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    Default Re: MTD Chipper - Tecumseh 8HP hard to start

    You can download a manual from the mtd web site. You'll need your serial and model numbers.
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