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    Cool I think its MTD 717-1161

    Hello from Hawkesbury Ontario. I decided to keep my tractor rather than give up on it. My trans-axle transmission housings (both) are cracked and worn away. Buying bearings and parts is useless unless I have new castings (or used) I believe my model garden tractor is 1994-5 vintage, perhaps older.

    I'm willing to pay shipping if any fellow Tinkers are out there have one laying around, please know I am looking for a complete rear-end for my Columbia Tractor 18HP/46in cut, it has the Briggs opposed engine. casting say 717-1161

    I love to tinker with anything mechanical and I cannot answer why I love doing these things, but I do! I have no formal training or diplomas hanging around, but when I was 12 years old, a friend gave me an old mini-bike with an 8 HP B&S. It didnt run, but turned over. So with a adjustable pliers, a straight screw driver , some rusty old wrenches I took the whole engine apart, including the carb. Not knowing what I'm doing, or thinking at the time, I could not wait to put it all back together and give it a pull.(maybe a few more) It sparked, it ran, I loved it, then it got stolen....

    Since then, I've been a weekend warrior wrenching at anything, learning how things work. I only give up when I dont have the proper tool or my knuckles bleed and the bandages get in the way completion. I've stayed up many nights figuring out what makes machines work....

    OK, I was bitten early....I'm getting an earful from the Wife, greasy hands, paw prints everywhere and the lawn is still waiting for me.....

    Thank you TractorByNet, thank you in advance, new member Tony

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    Default Re: I think its MTD 717-1161

    aboard Tony.
    Massey 1423, 1462 loader, wallenstein Ranch ho gx620, with subframe mount. Deere 710c

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    Default Re: I think its MTD 717-1161

    G'day and welcome to TBN from Downunder.

    Best of luck!

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    Default Re: I think its MTD 717-1161

    Welcome to TractorByNet!

    I moved your thread to the MTD forum.
    TBN Support

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    Default Re: I think its MTD 717-1161

    hi, That part # is for the lower housing only which is NLA. Need to have full model # off the unit to see what it
    is you have. I'm pretty sure that you can find a used unit form a scraped tractor.

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