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    Default I got my NH 310 baler, need an owners manual.

    The owners manual was in the little tool box just past the flywheel. The owners manual is toast. It was totalled sitting in that box unprotected all those 25 years.

    Does anybody out there have this owners manual on a file program or a disc that can email it to me?

    I also have a question. The shear bolt on the timing mechanism was replaced prior to my getting it with a metric size 5 bolt I believe. It is loose. I got the size that just fits in the hole, I think it was a 6. The bolt is a grade 5 bolt. Is this ok for replacing the missing shear bolt? I dont have any literature on this and I dont want to mess something up by putting the wrong bolt in there.

    Can anybody help me with this?



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    Default Re: I got my NH 310 baler, need an owners manual.

    Don't know where you are at in Mid Ga but if you are close to Perry go to Walker Rhodes and get the shear bolts from them. Don't use a grade 5 bolt. The dealer in Griffin used to carry a got supply of parts, don't know if they still do or not. I have switched over to a John Deere but I may consider going back to a NH with the next one. Still an ok market for square bales and I have always enjoyed fooling with them.

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    Default Re: I got my NH 310 baler, need an owners manual.

    42031012 is the part number for the 310 Op manual. Order it here:
    Choose Items

    39716 is the New Holland part number for the flywheel shearbolts. A bag of 10 should cost you under $10. 86578266 is the P/N for the knotter shearbolt. 10 of them should run about $8. These bolts are the correct hardness and size, and should be the only shearbolts you use on the 310.

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    Default Re: I got my NH 310 baler, need an owners manual.

    G'day just going to throw my hat in here a grade five bolt has the same shear strngh as the new holland knotter and flywheel shear bolt it is possible to substitute them we have been using these in a super 69 for about fifteen years and they do break but there is no sign of any damage to the machine we bale about 2500 -3000 a year with it


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