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    Default NH Rollbar Rake Teeth Spring or Rubber?

    I have a NH 258 rake it has the rubber teeth on it. Has any one used a combination of spring teeth and rubber teeth on the same rake. Or do I just stick with the rubber?

    Looking for input?

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    Default Re: NH Rollbar Rake Teeth Spring or Rubber?

    From 50 yds, its hard to see the difference. The rubber is supposed to be more friendly in rocky areas. If you are scratching the ground all the time with either type of tooth, the rake is set way too low. The teeth I use are steel from TSC. If you are worried about leaving a few out in the field, run a few strands of fence wire thru the spring loops to keep them hanging around. Be sure to change them out asap, 'cause the busted ones make a lot of noise. All that really matters is whether the intermixed tooth types are the same overall length from the bar to the ground.
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    Default Re: NH Rollbar Rake Teeth Spring or Rubber?

    Real good advice on running a wire thru the spring eye - especially on old teeth. Found a spring tooth in a bale the other day while feeding the horses. Made it through the baler without banging around in the chamber or shearing a pin or maybe worse..

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