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    Default TN75DA CODE 77

    Code: 77 Internal ECM supply voltage (8V) is too high.
    Condition: ECM detects that the voltage at ECM connector 2, pin35 is above 8 volts.
    Code causes: Faulty ECM. ECM connector 2, pin 35 is/was shorted by an external 12 volt source. Internal circuit short to 12 volts.
    NOTE: Connector 2, pin 35 is not used externally as an actual output. There is no wire coming in/out of pin 35. I checked the voltage on the pin. It is at 7.96 volts.
    Effects: Transmission is critically disabled. Will not move.
    Has anyone seen this problem/code before? Is the controller the only problem or did something else cause the failure? If I install a new controller will the same problem occur and burn up a new controller? Im leaning towards controller because of the code. Other component failures SHOULD throw another code. Any help would be great. Thanks alot.

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    Default Re: TN75DA CODE 77

    There is only one cause for code 77; a faulty ECM. I've changed several ECM's and NEVER had a repeat failure.
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    Default Re: TN75DA CODE 77

    Thanks for the help. I was sure that was it, but another opinion always help.
    Sorry on the double post. Just signed up, first time posting, things go that way sometimes.

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