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    Question Ford 3000 diesel valves

    Ford 3000 diesel valves-img-20120918-00126-1-jpgFord 3000 diesel valves-tn-jpgJust bought a 1972 Ford 3000 diesel, the seller said it must have a dropped valve or blown piston, as it was running rough, knocking
    and blowing blue smoke. To make a long story short, I bought it, tore it down and pistons and valves are okay, but noticed the valves
    may be for a gas engine??? IT manual says the exhaust valves for a gas engine have a 0.18 depression in the top face of valve head, and diesel exhaust have a
    flat face.
    Looking for new valves on line, different suppliers list the parts as gas or diesel.
    I guess I'll make a trip to the New Holland dealer, see if I can get the stock valves.
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    Default Re: Ford 3000 diesel valves

    forgot to ask, does anyone know if these are the correct valves for a diesel and is there really a difference between valves used for a gas or a diesel
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    Default Re: Ford 3000 diesel valves

    the gas and diesel valves or the same valves

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    Default Re: Ford 3000 diesel valves

    Note the note on attached I&T manual, says the valves are dimensionally the same but are made with different material, which makes me ask, would the diesel
    valve be stronger to allow for a higher temp. and more stress and also the different thermal expansion if a different material?
    Ford 3000 diesel valves-scan-jpg

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