I have a tractor that is basically a hybrid copy of a Ford 3610 and 5610.

The hydraulic pump is identical to what is specified in the factory service manual for the Ford/NH 3610, the circuit is as well- I am speaking of the 83996272, 83996336, E1NN600AA, E1NN600AB type pump.

Here is my problem, I went to lift a telephone pole and it just wouldn't lift. I tried to move my 3 point hitch- no go. I tried to use my FEL in any way, and none of the 4 directions worked.

My steering, which uses a belt driven pump but the same hydraulic fluid as the trans and hydraulics, was also not working properly.

I drained the fluid out and replaced the two hydraulic filters(one for PS, one for hydraulic pump).

I started the tractor and the steering was back, but I still had no hydraulics at all.

I had pulled off the filter from hydraulic pump, and I discovered it was bone dry, and apparently no fluid is going to the pump.

I understand that there is a pickup screen inside the transaxle, but I cannot find the access point to that screen.

Finally, can anyone tell me if there is a PN for a kit to rebuild the hydraulic pump offered as: 83996272, 83996336, E1NN600AA, E1NN600AB ?