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    I just replaced the fuel filter (low power and dies). Also bled fuel lines to injector pump and the injector lines to the cylinders. The problem is that the tractor runs fine for few minutes and then loses power and dies. Bleed the lines again and then runs and dies as before. Is there another fuel filter somewhere?

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    I have had occasion with my TC18 that there was quite a lot of water that had condensed out in the fuel tank, and it took two tries to get all the water out of the sediment bowl. You might try draining it again.


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    I am having the same problem with a customers tractor. Was running fine until he changed the filterelement. I bleed the air out at the pump, and bleed at the injectors. I will start & run for about
    30 seconds then die. Bleed everything again & runs for 30 seconds & dead. I pulled the line off at the
    injection pump & has good steady flow. I filled a pint jar ok. Pulled the fitting going into the pump that
    has the bleeder valve on it. Was clean & no obstructions. Think maby some crud got into the pump.

    Any ideas...


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