I have two tractors that I want to trade in on a new Boomer and would like to know what their worth. The 1720 is in like-new condition but is 12 years old. It has always been stored indoors. It is loaded with live PTO, power steering, 12 x 12 shuttle shift. I am told our local dealer is looking for at least a couple because they have customers who are wanting new 1720's before they're no longer available, and the dealer can't come up with them, so I'm thinking of seeing what kind of a deal they can make. My 1720 has about 580 hours on it and not one spec of rust. It truly looks and runs like new.

The 981 is, well, a Ford 981. Rowcrop, selecto-shift (works great) and in fairly good condition. Narrow 2-wheel tricycle front. It could use some new tires, but the old ones still work OK. It has been converted to 12 volt and starts everytime and purrs like a cat. I think there is about 3000 hours on it.