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    Default Ford/NH 1520 hp

    Can someone tell me if I can use a 5 foot rotary cutter on a 1997 Ford New Holland 1520 4X4. I am considering one and the guy says its 35 engine hp but some sites on Internet says its 23 hp. The tractor has Ford on it with a New Holland emblem.

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    Default Re: Ford/NH 1520 hp

    You are a victim of New Holland's new and confusing tractor numbering. That is the older 1520 tractor that is 23 engine hp and 18 PTO hp. Currently, there is a new model of economy tractor called the T1520. It is 35 engine hp. The T1510, T1520, and T1530 are New Holland's new economy model tractor family. The one you are considering is the older Ford/NH branded tractor from the '90s. The selling person is trying to pull a fast one on you if they are saying 35 hp.

    On the older 1520, a 5' cutter would be okay for normal cutting in non-heavy applications. If you get into heavy weeds/grass/brush, just take a 4' overlap instead of 5' and you'll do fine. You may find it is a little light in front when you lift a 5' cutter with the 3PH. A 4' cutter would be ideal for all applications, but you will probably do okay with a 5' cutter if you do regular cutting and take it easy.

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    Default Re: Ford/NH 1520 hp

    Ford 1520 at about 2200 lbs and 18 hp pto will be okay for light and not so tall brush cutting with a 5 footer. I do well with 1700 that is about 2500 lbs and 23 hp pto in moderately high stuff with a 5 foot brush hog, really high and thick stuff and 1700 sequels like a pig. 4 footer might be better but will not cover your track as Jim mentioned.


    For most part, Tractordata is pretty accurate. Ford 1520 tractor information
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    Default Re: Ford/NH 1520 hp

    i have a 1520, it is 23 hp with 18 pto hp, bought it about 1993, like it a lot, i have a 5 ft king cutter that i use to trim the pasture, if you get in to very deep grass and weeds, you need to slow down, just go slower and you will get through just fine, the hydro drive is very handy at adjusting speed easily. love that tractor.


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    Default Re: Ford/NH 1520 hp

    I have owned a Ford 1520, since I bought it new in 1989.
    It is about 19+ PTO HP (Depending on where you read the data).
    I have a Woods 1012 FEL and a Woods RM3 60" finish mower.
    Yes , you need to slow in heavy grass or the engine will slow.
    The machine has done everything I asked of it.
    Maintain it and it seems to last forever!.
    I bought a new NH4060, but would never think of trading my perfect 1520!!

    Johno Geo

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