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    Default ford/NH 2120 value

    i've searched and read through alot of postings regarding this model...but would still like some input on this specific tractor.

    i'm going to go look at it this wkend (if he still has it)...1690 hrs, 4x4, loader, regular gear shift (no HSS), owner guessing it is mid '90s (won't know until i go look at it and get the #'s), he said the clutch has been replaced maybe two years ago.

    asking price $10,500. seems a little bit high, considering it's not HSS which seems to be everyone's favorite. i presume 1690 hrs is not that many on an engine like this.

    anything to look at closely if i go see it?

    thanks for any input,
    Dave (western NY)

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    Default Re: ford/NH 2120 value

    I bought a used 1997 model 1920 , 4wd, 12x4 tranny, no loader, in 2000 for 9500$.. had about 700 hrs on it...used it a bit then traded it a couple years later for 8400$ on a larger tractor.

    yours with a loader adds value..

    1690 hors ain't much... I'm kinda surprised it needed a clutch....even with the loader..


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    Default Re: ford/NH 2120 value

    thanks for the reply. i looked at it yesterday. a bit heavier than i thought it would be. the loader ( i forgot the model ) was REALLY heavy. it was a 1997 model according to the # on tag. the guy said it was used on a golf course, so who knows how many seasonal kids abused it, probably why it needed a clutch.

    everything looked pretty good on it (had some cosmetic issues, but not that big a deal), was some drips which appeared to be coming from the crankshaft pulley area.

    he went down to $9500 w/o much effort, but i didn't get it. needed new front tires, and the rears are the MASSIVE balloon turfs. if i wanted ag's, i'd need new rims and tires. that and the fact that it was actually a bit heavier of a tractor than i wanted. i'd take it for $8500, maybe $9000. i'll wait awhile and check back and see if he still has it and wants to come down some.

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