I was in my local New Holland dealer today and the owner gave me a preliminary brochure for the new LS tractors. I didn't see the information on the New Holland website so I thought I would share.

There will be 4 tractors; the Boomer 30, Boomer 35, Boomer 40 and Boomer 50. The specs seem to follow existing McCormick/LS tractors pretty close.

The Boomer 30 (28hp)= McCormick CT28= LS i3030
The Boomer 35 (38hp)= McCormick CT36= LS i3040
The Boomer 40 (41hp)= McCormick CT41= LS R4010
The Boomer 50 (47hp)= McCormick CT47= LS R4020

There are slight differences in hydraulic rates and size but otherwise the specs all match up. The comparisons were made by looking at the books all laid out on a table but seem to be correct.

He told me the availablility of the current ones is decreasing and the new ones should be available in late October/early November.