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    New Holland 1030

    Default Pulled the trigger today on a new Boomer 1030 today.

    A local New Holland dealer had a new Boomer 1030 I looked at about a month ago, I liked the egonomics of the machine and the extra hp in this class was a plus and the position control is a welcome advantage for me. I did consider a few other units but settled on the NH. I loved my TC 33D when I had it but don't need anything that large anymore. He's got a loader coming from a dealer in Arkansas since he had two new 1030"s but no loaders. NH is paying the frieght for the transfer no charge to me. The dealer was very good came to my house, a 45 min ride and looked at my trade no other dealer has ever done that in my area. They were able to offer what I wanted for my unit a 2002 BX2200 with 1100 hrs. but clean as a whistle and then came down to where I wanted to be for the 1030. Very good dealer, folks seem very honest and no hard sell, I didn't here "this is only good for today" like I have at other dealers. I was told take a few days and ponder the deal if you want the unit let me know. I was so impressed by the salesman's attitude that I called the boss(ie wife) and told her (I mean asked her if she cared) and thought about it and called within an hour and told them they had earned my business. If anyone has one please let me know what your experience has been. Total price paid $13.800 minus my trade $8.000= $5.800 out of pocket. So whats the verdict? Did I do ok or what? Mark

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    Default Re: Pulled the trigger today on a new Boomer 1030 today.

    Congrats! You'll have a big smile when delivery day comes!

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    New Holland Boomer 1030

    Default Re: Pulled the trigger today on a new Boomer 1030 today.

    I've had one since Sep 09 and have about 155 hours on it. No complaints. Lots of power for the size. I don't mow, so don't know its mowing capabilities. Mine spends most of the time in the woods moving logs, brush, whatever. Also have a 60" front mount snowblower which works great on my 800' driveway. And the best part (for me) is my wife can operate it with ease. In fact, the 1st winter we had it she did most of the snowblowing. Was hard getting her off it. Now if I can just get her to love that shovel...

    Anyway, congratulation and best of luck with it.

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