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    Default TC40D Price Quote

    I received the final price quote from my dealer on the following tractor and accessories:
    TC40D Hydro w/ block heater
    16LA loader
    758C backhoe w/18 inch bucket
    R4 tires Loaded
    Bolt on cutting edge for loader
    Grill guard
    Quick attach system
    Studded rear tire chains

    His no trade price is: 28,475.00. Is this a fair price? Could I do better? I have to say that I like this dealer, and would like to do business with them if possible. Any comments would be very much appreciated!


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    Default Re: TC40D Price Quote

    Hi LarryJ,

    You can look through some of the recent posts for TC40D prices, although I haven't seen any with a BH. My recent deal included this:

    TC40D w/R4s
    16LA FEL
    Grill Guard
    Quick Attach Setup
    72" HD Bucket
    Bolt-on Toothbar
    Pallet Forks and Frame
    2 rear remotes

    Price was about $23,400

    Your deal includes the BH which is a pretty pricey option:

    BH List Prices
    Basic 758C BH - $6579
    Subframe - $500
    Hydraulics - $200
    18" Bucket - $420
    Total - $7700

    With an approx. 18% discount the BH would add about $6300 to the deal, which would equate to around $29,700 if added to my deal above. However, I have the pallet forks (~$750) and dual remotes (~$550) and you have the tire chains. All in all, though, it looks like a similar/comparable price to what I got, which is around an 18% discount from list... They've got to make a little something. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif[/img]


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    Default Re: TC40D Price Quote


    Also, be sure to read through the NH posts in the "Reviews" section on TBN as there are pricing details on a TC45D/FEL/758C BH and the individual only paid 26,300... This was one year ago so not sure what affect that would have on pricing. Today, you can get 3 years 0% financing.


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