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    Default Gear-Driven "D" Models


    In looking over my options, I'm also considering the gear-driven versions of the TC40 and 45. I know that NH now offers a "D" model on the TC29 with the option of either the gear or hydro tranny, but I can't find if such an animal exists on the Class 3 tractors. Does anyone know?

    I'm also kicking around a used '01 TC45 FWD with 200hrs and a 16LA loader. Tractor is dirty, and was mostly used for gravel loading/grading, but runs fine. It does have a few of the "D" options such as the adjustable 3-point, folding rollbar, but has the standard seat. Also has 1 rear remote. Dealer is asking $17,500 for the unit. Any opinions? Does NH finance used tractors?


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    Default Re: Gear-Driven "D" Models

    Diesel_Jay: It is my understanding that the so-called "D" option on the geared 35/40/45 will be available sometime this summer. However, you can get most of the D options individually now. Example, my new TC40 has starboard step ($10 or so), tool box, etc. The extendable links (deluxe 3pt) are shipped on most of the geared anyway. The rubber floor mat from the "D" is available, but, frankly, when climbing on/off in the mud is less useful than the metal floor. You can upgrade to the deluxe seat - I had planned to do that, but, so far, the standard seat has been comfortable enough (at least for me).

    Regarding the price on the used TC45, I ended up buying new because the used stuff that was any good was just too close to new. I suspect you could get a new TC45 with those options for $20k/$21k. The used one may, or may not, have been broken in ok.


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