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    I'm in Florida looking at a 1993 Ford 1715 4x4, power steering with 1000 hours on it. Its in good shape and has a new quick disconnect loader. What would be the book value on this tractor or is there somewhere online I could look this up at? Thank you.

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    ProEMTPFF: Intertec price guide shows $5910 - $7010 depending on condition (plus loader). You can order these guides on line - search Intertec (or Primedia) located in Kansas City. They ship reasonabliy promptly and produce shop manuals and other items for used tractors. Frankly, given the price, you can probably get something new for a few thousand more. 81 cubic inches (engine size) and 2200 pounds isn't real big. Also, please note, that this is a New Holland, not Ford. JEH

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    I don't know about book value, but I just purchased a 1997 Ford/New Holland 1715 w/ FEL and 450 hours for $10,500 in Michigan. Hope this helps.

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    Thank you for the replys, I was starting to wonder if I was going to get any answers.Oh and 'grimreaper" I guess if I buy this Ford I better get a Ford/New Holland sticker to put on it, in fact maybe I better start hunting a Ford/New Holland/Shibaura stickers to paste on it. Better yet since its REALLY a Shibaura I'll just put some Shibaura stickers on it. Anyone know what the factory colors are for Shibaura so I can paint it the proper colors?? HEHE

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