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    Default Help on pricing ford 1620

    I'm new at this so can some one help me with pricing a used tractor. I live in northern wisconsin. I have my eye on a Ford 1620 4x4 hydo, 7108 loader, 5 foot scraper box. it a 1992 very clean tractor with 600 hrs on it. the guy wants 12k for it and i think that's a couple grand too high. oh It has a mid PTO which i need if i'm going to run a front mount snowblower. And up here i need a snowblower

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    Default Re: Help on pricing ford 1620

    I recently priced one here in upstate NY a dealer had on their lot. 11,500 for the tractor w/ 1200 hrs and 7108 loader. It had the MM PTO which I think comes standard? and turf tires. There might have been a little movement in the price, but I don't think much lower than 11,000 or so....

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    Default Re: Help on pricing ford 1620

    Hi, I just bought a 1995 Ford 1320 with 60" mid-mower turf tires, with 521 hours for $10,000. In excellent condition (has never had a 3-point attachment on it) I absloutly love the the tractor it is really nice compared to the Ford 1220 i had before and a John Deere 318 before that.

    I just thought this might help.


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