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    Default Re: Ford 550 loader backhoe questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisofman View Post
    I have the shop manual and just ordered the operators manual. I also find them to be a very valuable tool. However, I just thought since this is a tractor forum free for tractor discussion that I would throw a few feelers out there and see what peoples opinions were to my questions. Never did I think that as a new member or just a member for that matter I would be insulted and ridiculed for asking a question, be it silly or stupid in ones opinion. I thought about leaving your forum, but have since changed my mind because I shouldn’t let one bad apple spoil the bunch.
    Eat the new guy is par for social sad to say. Hang in there an you will learn a lot. The worn out 1983 JD 310B backhoe has been one heck of a learning experience. So far it it has been mostly labor but hoses and fluid is adding up but hoses are once in a life time thing because some are OEM hoses that are failing or near failing. My policy is if for any reason a hose has to come off i go back with a new one if it is hard to get to. Like when one of the 6 that flex at the hoe/tractor connection we replaced all 6 that day since they had to come off and go back on in order. When the O-ring on the transmission housing let go I replaced both large hoses from that point to the hoe.

    Sounds like you are making headway.

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    Default Re: Ford 550 loader backhoe questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisofman View Post
    First of I am not attacking you. I already said that I know nothing about the Ford 550 or diesel mechanics and that is why I am here to learn. I assure you I am very knowledgeable on many other mechanical fronts including the difference between 2 different manuals. If you don稚 wanna be helpful that痴 fine. Ignore my posts, be done with me, but don稚 lash out at me because I am posting in this forum. You sir are the one that sent me a link and product number for a FiatAllis owners manual. We are clearly talking about a Ford 550. In the future keep your insults to yourself. Didn稚 your mama teach you if you ain稚 got nothin nice to say don稚 say nothin at all?
    This is a old post, however, I'm looking at a 550, and came here to see what everyone thought about them. Upon reading through everyone's opinion I just couldn't leave without
    saying, I find that there was no reason for "Rick B" to attack your credibility. I find his posts regarding you offensive and uncalled for, and he should have kept his thoughts
    to himself. This is a great site for information and good old fashion civility, thankfully these occurrences are rare. Good luck, hope your 550 is still running well.

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