Hello everyone. I need some advice on which rotary cutter to buy. I have a Ford 2600 and have found a BB720 (Woods) and RCR1860 (LandPride) for sale in my area. 1500 for woods and 1000 for the LandPride. Need to clear overgrown field (3 acres) that has a fair number of 1" to 2" saplings and tall grass. Not sure if it would be smart to spend the extra money on the woods if my tractor can't handle it. It looks like it is right on the threshold for the 5hp per foot rule. Area to cut is not real hilly. I am also thinking that I may upgrade my tractor to a 4600/4610 one of these days if I can find the right deal. I just love these old Ford tractors but would like to eventually get something a little bigger. LandPride is shear pin model not sure about the woods but I think slip clutch may be standard.