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    Default Purchasing advice TC-40 ss many hours

    I have been looking for a 30-40 hp tractor with loader. I have had a couple of older or odd ball type tractors and have decided that I will step up and get something manufactured this century. A local dealer has a tc40 with shuttle shift, fel, rear remotes. It has 3500 hrs. This seems like a lot of hours. They are asking $11,900 for the tractor. Tires are worn but not in need of immediate replacement, would probably run it with chains in winter. Is that too much $ for the hrs? I have not had a chance to try it out yet. What are potential prob for a tc40 tractor with that many hours, anything I should look for during inspection and test drive? Thanks

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    Default Re: Purchasing advice TC-40 ss many hours

    Way too much money.You could buy brand new for a couple thousand more,with a warranty and no hours.Keep looking.In this economy the are some buys out there.Check carefull here lots of scams).

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    Default Re: Purchasing advice TC-40 ss many hours

    I looked at a TC40 ss, no remotes, loader, one year old (@ that time) with 75 hrs, a year ago. It was at Boone tractor in Salem Va. They wanted $16,000.


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    Default Re: Purchasing advice TC-40 ss many hours

    Erik, you need to know how old the tractor is. Since you said a TC40 instead of a TC40A, then I think it must be older than 2004. With that many hours, I think I'd want a new clutch if they could not show me a recent replacement. Without the clutch, I'd offer no more than $10,500. You also want to check out the PTO clutch/brake too. Replacing the PTO clutch or the main transmission clutch means you have to split the tractor, so if one is replaced, you should think about doing both. Now, if the tractor was used with the FEL and a boxblade most of its life, the PTO clutch is probably just fine. On that model tractor, you want to be sure and look at the area around (behind and below) the battery. The early TCs had batteries that leaked acid onto the battery shelf and radiator. If this tractor looks really nasty around the battery, you could be out $1000 or more to get it fixed. Now, if things look good and the PTO clutch is strong (hook it to a rotary cutter and see how it engages) plus the main clutch is firm and has pedal adjustment left, then I'd ask for a 60 or 90 day warranty for the asking price. If the clutches aren't strong and the dealer isn't interested in working with you on a short warranty, I'd just keep looking. There are much better deals to be had for not much more money.

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    Default Re: Purchasing advice TC-40 ss many hours

    Erick, Take a look at my Tractor loader for sale, it might be JUST what you are looking for! 2001 New Holland TC35 D FEL 650 hours, mint condition, fully serviced just had all the fluids changed and it comes with a bucket loader, with front remote hydraulics.PTO and 3 pt hitch. or 203-305-5842. Rich.

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